Cumberland's Innovative Approach Makes It the New Leader in Mining Surety

A tradition of quality in agency and underwriting services for the mining industry

Reclamation Bonding

Cumberland's approach to reclamation bonding is unique in the industry. It developed from a combination of very specific "on the ground" knowledge of its coal operators coupled with the financial security concerns of a surety.

NewBridge Services

NewBridge Services operates as a program architect, consultant, and/or general contractor in large workout programs.

Additionally, NewBridge oversees all mine sites in Cumberland Surety’s charge as Cumberland provides risk management to surety carriers. 

Contract Bonding

Cumberland Surety Inc., as an agent for its issuing carriers, manages a book of Contract, Miscellaneous, License/Permit and Court/Probate bonds written through local independent agents.

Recent Testimonials from Clients

"I have known and worked with the people at Cumberland Surety for many years.  In addition to providing reclamation bonds; they have assisted private industry, government agencies and bankruptcy courts in several high profile and difficult reclamation and re-bonding cases.  They have been heavily involved in reclaiming some very challenging properties.  Their knowledge of bonding issues is unmatched."

Nick Carter
32-year veteran of the coal land business (retired)

Cumberland Surety:

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